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2 years ago

With fashion wigs we can shape Variety

In addition to grasp the most fashionable women IN makeup and clothing, hairstyles must closely follow the trend. Compared to the first two, the transformation of hair most limited. Now with fashion virgin human hair, amazing shape is no longer a dream, do not have to sit for hours to build a new hairstyle, do not need to worry about hair dye qualitative difference, wig has become the most convenient and practical everyday fashion will spare parts, have become fashion crush to change the shape of magic. As the image of the amazing star Fan Bingbing said: "It's like the same makeup, wigs can be used with different makeup, making a different fashion modeling, but also save a lot of time to cut their hair salon, why not is it? "

2 years ago

Literary mushroom head with short hair

Following the "lovelorn 33 days" movie blitz, Yao Di will challenge the TV version of the yellow sprites, and diphtheria He's not the same as fresh hair Yao flute staged theatrical mushroom head shape. Air full sense of a short Brazilian virgin hair and bangs eyebrow slightly within the volume, full of three-dimensional and layered, exudes youthful atmosphere. After the play hit could set off a wave of mushroom? Let us wait and see!